Stop # 1: The Hideway

2565 Franklin Blvd (Near Broadway and Franklin)
Sacramento, CA 95817

Mon – Fri  4PM to 2AM / Saturday  12PM to 2AM / Sun  10AM to 2AM

Chelsea’s Take:

A small brick building with a few dark windows, it certainly is a place you can go to have a drink and “Hideaway”. The inside contrasts with the simplicity of its outside, covered top to bottom with hundreds of pictures of pinup girls, ironic slogans, and tattoos.

You might walk in thinking the grungy bar is going to offer grungy service, but within seconds of walking in Wendy, our bartender/waitress, was welcoming us with a big smile. Wendy, who fits the Bar’s atmosphere with her edgy short hair, tatted arms, and fear nothing personality; was helping us with our orders within minutes of arriving, offering helpful suggestions and top notch service.

She informed us that we might have a bit of a wait due to a new “rookie” chef, but we never felt ignored and enjoyed the time to choose a few songs from the juke box (which has an awesome selection of oldies rock, and blues) and when our food did arrive it was immediately clear that the wait was worth it.

I ordered the “Rock and Roll Burger” and it lived up to, and even above and beyond it’s name! It’s a perfectly seasoned juicy burger patty, topped with gorgonzola cheese, caramelized onions, sun dried tomato spread, two fried dill pickles, sandwiched into a perfect soft bun. This burger rocked my world!

Let me start by saying I don’t like pickles on my burgers- normally. But these pickles totally changed my outlook! When you bite down into the burger the peppery juices from the burger mix with the smokiness of the sun dried tomatoes, and creaminess from the cheese – then out of nowhere comes this crunchy hot pop of pickle! It’s the perfect amount of tart acid your taste buds were unknowingly looking for, all being absorbed in the squishy bun that’s easy to bite through. This burger is served with a side of fries that are rustic cut with the skin still on, seasoned just right (and if you’re looking to try something that’s out of the ketchup norm, order their gorgonzola dill sauce- I promise you won’t be disappointed!) This is a Gourmet quality meal!

I came in hungry, and left very satisfied – the burger being a perfect size, enough to make me full for the day, but not uncomfortable.

I also had the opportunity to try a bit of their “Black Mackerel” breakfast which is a sausage and biscuit covered in gravy. The sausage is delicious, moist, and crisped on the outside, stacked on a fluffy biscuit, smothered in hearty gravy. While the biscuit might have been a little big – this was still a satisfying and delicious rustic style dish!

I’m a fan of Divey bars, and this is one that offers awesome meals, if you’re just turning onto Franklin be sure to make a stop at The Hideaway!

 A Word from the Old Man:

Ok, I have to admit I am no stranger to The Hideaway.  I have been coming in for drinks since they opened, having read good things on Yelp.  And the location is certainly no stranger to me.  I used to go here to drink back in the day when it wasBoston’s Cheers and you could always look forward to being wanded for weapons by the bouncer, er, doorman upon arrival.  While purposefully rough around the edges, the building’s new incarnation is far more inviting, yet no less entertaining.

Upon being greeted by the fabulous Wendy, I quickly ordered a go to Sunday morning test of any bar/restaurant:  as spicy Bloody Mary.  I had heard they were good, and I wasn’t disappointed.  I could have used a touch more spice, but as you will learn over the coming months, my taste for spice is a little, shall we say, elevated.

As Chelsea pointed out, we did have a bit of a wait for our food, but it really wasn’t a problem.  I always appreciate front of house being honest about such things and Wendy was very upfront.  Plus, it gave us time to take in the atmosphere, which is pretty worth the trip itself.  A few of my favorites:

  • The autographed photo of Evel Knievel. . . haven’t thought of ‘ol Evel in a while.
  • The photos of humorous, yet actually real, signs adorning the tables:  “”God’s Favorite Word is ‘Come””; the directional sign pointing to “Sandy Balls” campground (the kind of humor that brings out the 7th grader in all men); and the high school monument sign that reads, “Report Cards the 21st.  Bonfire Wednesday November 22nd”.
  • The tat art all over the place which keeps with the general theme of the place as well as that of the staff and patrons.

The wait also afforded us to enjoy the great jukebox selection, which is vast and varied. Chelsea turned a dollar into Johnny Cash, Amy Winehouse and The Velvet Underground, bringing a tear to the old man’s eye.  Great choice!

A trip to the restroom spoke volumes about why this place is a popular neighborhood joint with a vibe that fits in well on the boulevard.  Upon approaching the caution tape, I read the sign on the door:  “Restroom is Closed due to some fucktard that thinks vandalism is cool.”

Now to the point.  When the food did come, it did not disappoint. Chelsea already spoke of her burger and I fully concur.  Really one of the best in town; even up there with Adam Pechal’s at Thirteen

Their specialty for brunch is the “Black Mackerel”, which is biscuits and gravy, named after their favorite local band was not as successful as the burger.  While the flavors were good, there was a ratio problem with way too much biscuit (which was a good biscuit) and not enough gravy.

Finally, this is a bar, so I thought it only right to take their bar food out for a spin.  I ordered the fried pickles, onion rings and mac n’ cheese. Chelsea already covered the pickles, and she was spot on about the gorgonzola dill dressing, and the onion rings were nicely crisp and not too greasy.  All in all, both worthy of trying, particularly on a late night when such things seemingly taste even better.  And as Chelsea pointed out, everything is good when fried right.

But, it was the mac n’ cheese that stole the show.  It was perfectly creamy with a crispy panko bread crumb and parmesan crust on top.  The tangy cheddar worked perfectly, and I noted a hint of truffle (though I am told they no longer include that in the recipe, I swear I could taste it.).  I am pretty proud of my mac n’ cheese and this one gave me a run for my money.  This isn’t your father’s bar food, folks.

So, would I go back to The Hideaway for drinks?  Absolutely.  Would I eat there?  You’re damned straight.

Not a bad outing for stop number one.  It sets the bar pretty high Franklin Boulevard, and here we come. . .

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One Response to Stop # 1: The Hideway

  1. JJ Brown says:

    finally had a chance to stop by this place. we were on a wing tasting bike ride with some friends. THey had these spicy mole wings that were amazing. you have to ask for them as they are not on the menu. 8o)

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